Gaming Servers

Our community, Elite Sniperz Gaming, is a branch of FXGaming dedicated to providing quality, configuration-oriented game servers on a player demand basis. Our dedicated servers run on an Intel Xeon E3 with 10TB bandwidth and a 1GB/s port to ensure a fast, quality gaming experience. ES Gaming is privately funded by Executive ES, so we'll never require or demand donations for server continuity.

Half-Life Mod Servers

We at ES have been in the game of providing individually configured Half-Life game servers for almost a decade. We are one of the oldest Sven Co-op gaming communities to date. We are also the fastest growing and largest Sven Co-op community. As of the moment we run some of the most popular servers in Sven Co-op. We have also hosted some of the most popular and longest lasting The Specialists Roleplay Servers, dating back nearly eight years. Our practice is oriented towards player demand and "playability."

Current Servers