Server Management

We are moving everything having to do with server management to the Gaming Steam group. All applications and updates will now be posted on the Gaming Steam group if it has to do with our servers. The public Modding Group will also receive updates with regards to updates to server content, but inquiries about crashes, suggestions for new content, and so forth should be addressed in the Gaming group.

Sven Co-op Servers

We've begun the process of establishing a set of servers for Sven Co-op 5.0, whose population levels have plummeted much faster than we expected, and we've seen the same population patterns that afflicted Sven Coop's earlier versions. The reason why we aren't taking the servers down is because the population in our servers has fared much better than most servers (which usually have zero players all day long). We've actually had to increase the player slots in the Vanilla and SCXPM servers.

Transition...Is complete!

One of us might have mentioned earlier that we were going to renovate the website. In fact it will be a complete overhaul. Most of us have realized by now that a slow transition was made a while ago in which we shifted the purpose of FXGaming from a gaming community actively connected by game servers to a network of designers. It's no secret that the popularity of our servers has declined over a couple of years or so to the point of stagnation without recovery.

Sven Coop 5.0 Custom Servers

Depending on the popularity that the upcoming Sven Coop version 5.0 brings about, we may be reviving our Sven Co-op servers. However, this isn't just going to be an addition of game servers if it does happen. We are looking into adding some unique features to our current Sven Co-op servers. Some of you might have noticed that we have been experimenting with exclusive metamod plugins (Mushroom Mod and SCBot) which we have been developing for a short time now.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

'Hello everyone! We've recently decided, by the initiative of one of our members, to begin a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team and group, which may indicate the possibility of CS: GO servers. Tree is in charge of the CS: GO team, though anyone of the rank of Master Guardian and above is allowed to join the group. You can see more information on the group steam page here.